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Hammarby IF Roddförening
Hammarby IF Roddförening

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About Us

Hammarby IF:s Roddförening (Hammarby IF's Rowing Club), abbreviated Hammarby Rodd (Hammarby Rowing) is a club aiming to attract both the racing and the exercising rower. We one of the most represented clubs in national regattas, such as the Swedish Championships. You are always welcome in Hammarby Rodd, no matter your level of skill or ambition.

During the boating season, the focus is on water training and participation in national regattas. During the winter months we offer alternative training indoors and outdoors for the coming season. Our boating season starts when the ice dissappears, and ends when the ice forms. You can find our current general training schedule here (Swedish).

If you are a rower and are interested in rowing with Hammarby Rodd, please contact the Club Captain at rodd@hammarbyrodd.se. If you don't know how to row and are interested in our beginners course, contact kurs@hammarbyrodd.se Länk till annan webbplats..


Hammarby Roddförening was formed April 10th, 1889, and became the foundation of what today is the whole of Hammarby IF, now 18 different sports sections. The name of the association comes from Hammarby Lake where the first boathouse lay. Both the boathouse and the first racing shells were built by the rowers themselves.


Hammarby Roddförening is situated just south of Södermalm, on Årstaviken's south shore, just a five minute walk from the Gullmarsplan metro station. Our address is Sundstabacken 12, Stockholm.

Joining the Club

Come down to the Club to try rowing or training with us. If you like it and want to stay, you pay our membership and training fee. If you don't know how to row, contact kurs@hammarbyrodd.se for information about the beginners course.

Membership fee
Anyone who wants to be a passive member in Hammarby IF's Rowing Club, and don't want to train, shall pay a membership fee.

Annual membership fee:
Until the year you turn 18: 100 SEK
From the year you turn 19: 200 SEK

Training fee (including membership)
Anyone who uses the facilities of the boathouse like rowing equipment, gym, sauna, and shower, must pay a training fee (membership is included). For that, you will be a member and are allowed to use the rowing equipment, and everything else that the boathouse has to offer. The club additionally purchases a rowing license in the Swedish Rowing Federation for competing rowers, allowing you to compete in national regattas.

Annual training fee (including membership), per calendar year:

  • Until the year you turn 18: 750 SEK
  • From the year you turn 19: 1500 SEK
  • From the year you turn 65, and students and unemployed: 1200 SEK

Exceptional entry dates, and temporary membership:

  • No training fee is paid for the current year when joining after 15 November.
  • When joining after 1 July, 500 SEK is paid for juniors (up to 18 years) and 1000 SEK for seniors (from 19 years) for the current year. Reduced price does not apply.
  • Temporary membership can be granted to people who are in Sweden or Stockholm for more than 1 month in a row, but less than 6 months. If you train with the club temporarily, you pay a one-off amount of SEK 750, which covers both membership and training fees.

Enter your name, personal number (or, if you don't have one, date of birth), email adress, adress, and "Annual fee" on the payment made ​​to PlusGiro 193213-6 ( Hammarby IF Roddförening) or IBAN: SE33 9500 0099 6042 0193 2136 (BIC: NDEASESS).

Personal information
Send following information to reg@hammarbyrodd.se:
- First and last name
- Swedish personal identification number, or if you don't have one, your birth date
- Address
- Email address
- Telephone number

Information for new members
When you have become a member, it is important that you understand the clubs's membership rules (SWE) and statutes (SWE). Also remember to ask for login details to the rowing journal, if you don't already have one!

Information about training, competitions, social activities and other things is distributed via our mailing list, which all our active rowers should join in order to find out all the important information. You become a member by sending a blank email to aktiva-subscribe@hammarbyrodd.se.
If you no longer want to be on the aktiva list, send a blank email to aktiva-unsubscribe@hammarbyrodd.se.

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